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Watch Status

A very useful feature in Watchee allows you to set a specific status for each watch. If the status has been set, a corresponding Status Plate is displayed. For example, the current status for a beautiful vintage pilot watch is “Serviced” since it was recently serviced. Perhaps after the service the watch feels like a “Keeper” that will not be sold. Time to reset the status! Select the watch from the list.

Next we scroll down to the Status section in the watch details and tap the plate that currently says “Serviced.”

Select the status you want from the list and then tap the “Choose watch status” header/button. The status of the watch will change to the chosen value.

If the History Log is enabled in Settings and you scroll down to the “Notes & History Log” for the watch, you will see a corresponding date entry for the status change.

When you navigate back to the main page, you can see that the status has changed to “Keeper.” I happen to love vintage watches and here you can see some of my keepers!

One more note about statuses. Here you can see I have selected the status “Needs Strap” for my Vostok. Watchee will automatically show the lug width of the watch if it is entered in the watch details (for the most common lug widths). This can be very handy when you are out and about shopping or online browsing for new straps. Just take a quick look at Watchee for a reminder that this watch needs a strap with a width of 18mm.

This video shows how to change the status of a watch.