Exporting a CSV File

A simple way of exporting and viewing your watch collection data.

Exporting a CSV (comma separated value) file of your collection could not be easier. Navigate to the Settings tab of the app, scroll to the bottom and you will see and “Export CSV” button. Tap the button and follow the prompts to select where to export the file. As an example, you can save it to your iCloud drive, send in an email, and so on. The generated CSV file can then be examined with popular spreadsheet programs such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Another useful way of browsing your CSV file and watch data is with Watchee Browser and Watchee Browser Pro, created by Brian @ WatchComplications. Watchee Browser allows you to view your watch collection in full-screen on your computer.

If you are interested in seeing your collection nicely formatted on your computer, then I highly suggest you check out Watchee Browser. I also suggest you visit WatchComplications for cool content for watch enthusiasts!