Quick Info Screens

Seeing important watch information in a collection is easy.

Note the circled Info-button in the screenshot. By tapping the Info-button, it is very easy to cycle through the main information regarding the watches in a collection. A small indicator in the upper-right of each watch row indicates the current info page. Six info views are provided.

Tapping the Info-button the first time loads the second info-page that shows total wear count, last worn date, and days since last worn for each of the watches. In this particular example, we have first ordered the watches by total wear count. This view is handy for seeing which watches have been regularly worn and which have been hiding in the watch box.

The next info-page reveals watch-specific movement information. The collection can also be ordered by movement type (quartz, manual, automatic, and so on…). Watch collection ordering can by tapping the File icon in the upper left of the menu bar.

The fourth info-page shows the reference and serial numbers along with the completeness of the watch set (full set, watch only, etc…).

The fifth info-page shows the purchase and sales prices for the watches. In the screenshot, you see watch status values set to “Keeper,” so no sold prices are noted.

Finally, the last info-page shows the age of each watch along with how long the watch has been owned. For fun, you might check when your watch has a “birthday” and deserves to be worn.

Watchee is regularly updated, incorporating user feedback, and more info-screens may be added in the future.

Here is a short video showing the quick info-screens in action.