Summary Information

Viewing collection totals.

The Book-icon in the menu bar shows the collective reality of your collection by displaying the summary information of your collection. The summary effectively reveals how much your watch enthusiast hobby has cost and useful averages.

In our example, tapping the Summary button shows the collection has 25 watches and 19 sold watches (you can choose to hide sold watches in Settings). The collection has a total cost of 6,9K€. The watches sold has a total cost of 18,1K€ and the profit was around 17,7K€. Effectively, the Summary shows the overall outcome of watch collecting was around -346€.

If you want to compare a certain watch against all watches in the collection, you can tap the small “K” button. In our example, you can see that 4% of watches in our collection are from the brand Oris. The diameter of the Big Crown Pointer Date is 40mm while the average diameter of all watches in the collection is 38.1mm, and so on.

In the previous screenshot, if we tap “Keeper Rate” (what the small “K” on the main page stands for) we will get a calculated “Keeper Rate” for our watch of interest. The closer to 100% the more likely this watch is a keeper.

If the History Log is enabled in Settings, then the calculated Keeper Rate will also be added to the end of the history log. The Keeper Rate is likely changing over time, as watches in the collection change and watches are worn more than others.