Wear Rate

Which watches do you wear most often?

Watchee makes it very easy to track which watches you wear most. Watchee also shows you how many days have passed since a certain watch was last worn and cost per wear.

Wear rate tracking is very simple. First, select a watch from the main list. You can track the wear rate for multiple watches each day if you happen to switch watches during the day.

After selecting the watch you are wearing, tapping the Wear Today button will update the wear rate statistics. You will see the total wear count, the wear rate percentage which is calculated against all watches in the collection. The “Last Worn” date, “Days Since Last Worn,” and “Cost Per Wear” are also shown.

Cost Per Wear is calculated if you have entered the purchase price for the watch. Cost per wear is calculated by dividing the price of the watch by the total wear count.

Confirm you are wearing or have worn the watch “today.”

After confirming the changes, the relevant statistics are updated.

Here is a short video to watch the wear rate tracking in action. Notice how the watch just marked as worn automatically climbs the list that when ordered by wear rate.